Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Double Digits Have Arrived!

A lot can happen in a decade.
In my case:
*weight gain of 10-15 pounds prepregnancy

I've also had the complete joy of sharing those 10 years with an amazing little boy!

Andrew hit the decade mark today. A rush of memories came flooding back as I rifled through his pictures debating which ones to post on Facebook.

I'll never forget what it was like being pregnant with him. Round ligament pain, constant heartburn, not to mention a 50 pound weight gain! It wasn't pretty. Talk about "Hefty, Hefty Cinch Sack (sorry, no amount of money will get me to post those pictures)!".

I thought delivery would stop the insanity. It didn't. The first night I brought him home from the hospital it was all out bawling through the night and continued until he was about 9 months old. He was just an unhappy kid and the ONLY way to settle him down was by cuddling. I certainly didn't mind these cuddle sessions but it was difficult to do 24/7.

As I said before, 9 months was a magical month - a wonderful, beautiful, magical month. Miracles do happen and the word "sleep" entered back into my vocabulary. It was pure bliss!

Since those early years, Andrew has transformed into an all out boy! He loves being rough and playing hard.

Once in awhile he would crack a smile

Andrew on a daily basis

After the Magical 9 months.

A cranky baby turned into a happy boy!

Rough playing has its consequences but he's proud of those sores!

"Drinking and Driving" (Root Beer)


Fishing the East China Sea
Awww ... who could NOT love this face?

This past year has brought changes for him. We are not homeschooling this year (though it was a great experience for both of us and has helped Andrew immensely), he still doesn't like school but it's better than it was in 2nd grade. He's at the top of his class and feels confident enough to compete academically. He has buddy's on the same street - much like Okinawa, the neighborhood is their home.
I'm so happy kids are resilient! I often find myself learning more from them than the other way around.

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The Cichy's said...

Happy belated birthday to Andrew!

I just read through several of your posts, Angie, catching up on the Kasuke Family. What a beautiful family you have- the kids are getting so big! Congrats on the new little one too. I can't wait to see pictures when she arrives!